New Video! Paulo Morete feat. Roboto (Official Video)

PAULO MORETE feat. Roboto – ORCA
After two years since his first instrumental single, «When,» which garnered incredible acceptance from the public, he is back with a new single titled «Orca.»
The song is divided into three distinct parts: I-Born, II-Killing, and III-Die, each leading the listener through various ambient, rock, and metal passages with the distinctive sound of Paulo and Mr. Roboto.
The band members are:

Paulo Morete (Guitars)

Roboto (Bass)

Javier Suarez (Drums)

Zigor López (Synth)

Paulo took charge of the production, and the recording of guitars and bass took place at Roboto Studios throughout 2023. The drums were recorded by Caco Refojo at Estudio Monteprincipe. «Orca» was mixed and mastered by Gorka Dresbaj @dresbaj.
As usual, the artwork was created by Xanti Rodriguez, perfectly capturing the essence of the song, and the music video was filmed by Ruben Vilchez from Sabotatge Produccions, recorded between Visual Media Broadcast studios in Madrid and Blackfish in Barcelona.